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Century 21

by Intelligentsia

Century 21 06:26
"Now. Begin. Century 21!"
Brainiac 06:26
Live Long 06:07
“Live long and Prosper!”
“Be Beings of Vision! Be Beings of Positive Energy! Movement is Evolution! We thank you for your participation. And we thank you for your vision.”
“One voice rings out its faith in the future! Building a new tomorrow! Think about the Future! 21st Century! Future! Frenzy!”
Ascension 01:42
We Are Here 06:46
“We are here. Time and space distortion. Alien spacecraft otherwise known as a UFO… To the farthest reaches of your reality!“
Into My Mind 07:42
“Remain exactly where you are, make no move until you are ordered. It’s sticking something into my mind! From a source more powerful than I have ever encountered! We are under attack! It’s happening and it’s happening now! Allow now very slowly your energy body to begin to spin. And now allow yourself to accelerate and spin ever more rapidly… You’ve broken my mind…“
“If you wish to progress… …the future in here. To improve life on this planet! When you think, you create an energy. To the Earth, around the Earth, through the Earth. Every star, every planet, every thing. It’s an energy field created by all living things. An energy field leaves one being, and other beings can tune into it and read that thought.“
Liaisons 01:03
Geodesic 03:15
World One 04:11
Wake Up! 07:50
Icke: "Now I'm going to talk about the world as it is today and why…" Icke: "If you wish to progress…" Bashar: "…Evolve your consciousness!" Bashar: "Wake up! and live!" Icke: "Survey the world Ladies and Gentlemen, is it a force of love?...is it a force of love?" Bashar: "…Evolve your consciousness!" Icke: "…If you wish to progress..." Bashar: "Wake up! and live…your DREAM." Icke: "Every 24 hours, several species and increasing numbers all the time, become extinct, and 100,000 people, nearly half of them children, die through hunger or hunger related disease." Icke: "And as we survey the state of this Earth at this time, we can see very clearly, that cleverness, without wisdom, is the most destructive force on Earth."


INTELLIGENTSIA - CENTURY 21 [The early years / 1990-1995]

The years are 1990 - 1995. Our early works during the time the band was first formed (our arrival on the planet was in the guise of space aliens). The music was very raw, manic, up tempo and with sample-heavy space & metaphysical themes. You can hear our gradual move away from very rudimentary low grade music equipment (depending on each studio set up & location) to our more sophisticated music today. We mostly gigged around techno clubs in London during the birth of the Rave Culture, including Camden Palace, The Rocket, Club UK, Powerhaus and the Brain Club (Leicester Square). This album is a selection from the 50 or so tracks written during that particular 5 year period.

Keywords: Space Age, Aliens, UFOs, Technology, Robots, Positive Energy, Global Citizens, Progress, Futurism...

01 Century 21 (1994 - Studio 8) (12" Vinyl Record : United Ummo)
02 Neurobeat (1994 - Studio 8) (12" Vinyl Record : United Ummo)
03 Brainiac (1994 - Studio 8)
04 Live Long (1993 - Studio 6)
05 +VE NRG (Positive Energy!) (1993 - Studio 7) (Unreleased 12” EP)
06 Future Frenzy (1990 - Studio 2)
07 Ascension (1994 - Studio 8)
08 We Are Here (1993 - Studio 6)
09 Into My Mind (1993 - Evelyn Studios) (Unreleased 12” EP)
10 The Future Is Here (1991 - Studio 1)
11 Liaisons (1992 - Studio 5) (The Techno-Fear Symphony)
12 Geo Desic (1992 - Studio 5) (The Techno-Fear Symphony)
13 World One (1992 - Studio 5) (The Techno-Fear Symphony)
14 Wake Up! (1992 - Studio 7) (Unreleased 12” EP)

Studio 1 & 2: Chatham, Strood, Kent, UK
Studio 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and Evelyn Studios: Mile End, Snaresbrook, Wanstead, Leytonstone, Wanstead(2), East London, UK
Studio 8: Finchley, North London, UK


released September 4, 2015

All music written & channelled by MIRAI.

Band members & collaborators:
Akiko, Rik Rob, Mark Fitt (XtremeXS), Neon & Naoki Robot.

Artwork by Zen & Mirai.


all rights reserved



Intelligentsia UK

Composer Mirai & vocalist Bronwen Stephens splice layers of Synths & Opera, re-animating the machine world of electronic music. They have written soundtracks for Japanese video games & the national media, with music pressed to 250,000+ units while performing over 80 live events worldwide, including gigs with Susumu Hirasawa, Christopher Currell (ex-Michael Jackson Band) & Japan's Morley Robertson. ... more

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